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San José Clinic case study published in New England Journal of Medicine - Catalyst

December 21, 2016 - We are honored that our case study "Effective Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure Through a Health System–Community Clinic Partnership" has been published in the NEJM Catalyst and is being featured on their front page. This article was a collaboration between teams at San José Clinic and CHI St. Luke's Health. You can view the article in full on the NEJM Catalyst website.

Guadalupe Radio Network broadcasts live from San José Clinic - October 31, 2016

Say Ahhh! Art show raises funds for San José Clinic - Memorial Examiner

October 31, 2016 - The dental offices of Dr. Steven Vaughan and Dr. Phillip Nauert were filled with a silent auction of art from local artists Michael Blome and Mortimer Ex. The dental-themed art show raised more than $2,000 for the patients of San José Clinic through art sales and donations.

"San José Clinic was founded in the spirit of collaboration and community," according to Paule Anne Lewis, clinic president/CEO. "Say Ahhh! was a wonderful example of how the clinic and our supporters can work hand in hand to provide quality care to those in need."

"Through this event, we were able to raise both funds for and awareness about San José Clinic," Vaughan said. "We hope this can become an annual event to bring together the community around great art and a great cause."

Since 1922, San José Clinic has served the community. The clinic offers medical and dental care, as well as laboratory, pharmacy, vision and imaging services for the uninsured and underserved. In 2015, more than 4,000 people found a health home at San José Clinic.

The Say Ahhh! Charity Art Show at Contemporary Dental in Bellaire raised funds for the San José Clinic. From left are artist Michael Blome; Dr. Steven Vaughan of Contemporary Dental; Paule Anne Lewis, president/CEO of San José Clinic; artist Mortimer Ex; and Dr. Phillip Nauert of Contemporary Dental.

San José Clinic Hosts Sixth Annual Fall Speaker Series - TMC News

October 31, 2016 - On Thursday, Oct. 27, the San José Clinic welcomed guests to the sixth annual Fall Speaker Series. All proceeds from the annual event contribute to the operating budget for the non-profit clinic, which has been treating uninsured patients in Harris County and beyond for nearly a century.

This year, the series examined the economic, clinical and social impact of community health by way of the San José Clinic model. Through collaboration and community partnerships, the clinic has been able to offer a home for patients that would otherwise have very limited access to medical care. Patients receive primary care, dental care, optometry services, laboratory testing, pharmaceutical services and more through community partnerships at little or no cost.

Namita Mohta, M.D., Clinical Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine; Anne Dunkelberg, Associate Director and Health and Wellness Program Director at the Center for Public Policy Priorities; and Thomas W. Feeley, M.D., Head of the Institute for Cancer Care Innovation at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center were invited to discuss the clinic model in a discussion led by moderator Seth J. Chandler, Law Foundation professor of Law at the University of Houston Law Center.

“I was able to tour the San José Clinic yesterday and I was so impressed because it really is an innovation lab,” Mohta said. “They are creative and try new things, but they also stop doing things that don’t work. If all hospitals would do that, a lot of waste would be eliminated. Because of bureaucracy, that will likely not happen.”

Dunkelberg said more than 800,000 Texans fall into what is known as the health insurance coverage gap—the gap that has developed between the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid coverage since Medicaid has not been expanded in Texas. Because of this, some families and individuals who are under the poverty line pay more for health insurance than those above the poverty line.

“I come from a generation of physicians where charity care was what you did, that was part of what you were expected to do,” Feeley said. “We all provided care and we knew that we wouldn’t be compensated for it and no one was trying to track people down to bill them. I think health care has really forgotten what we all went into health care for.”

San José Clinic answers Christ’s call to protect dignity, health of most vulnerable - Texas Catholic Herald

August 16, 2016 - San José Clinic, a ministry of the Archdiocese that has served individuals and families with limited access to healthcare services since 1922, has grown into a leading provider in the Houston area.

Serving more than 4,300 uninsured and underserved individuals with comprehensive medical, dental and pharmacy care annually, San José Clinic’s mission is to provide quality healthcare and education to those with limited access to such services in an environment that respects the dignity of each person.

“The care provided at the Clinic is vital to keeping our community, and the Archdiocese, healthy,” said Paule Anne Lewis, president and CEO of San José Clinic. “The Clinic is a ministry of the Archdiocese that ensures God’s children do not slip through the cracks of healthcare, and that all have a safe, beautiful, dignified health home to which they can turn.”

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, San José Clinic is a living example of real people showing God’s love and mercy to those without access to quality healthcare. It is one of 60 ministries supported by the Diocesan Services Fund (DSF).

“The Clinic is dedicated to ensuring those who face economic and social challenges are not denied the right to quality healthcare,” Lewis said. “It is with conviction of our sacred purpose that San José Clinic ensures that His mercy endures through their ministry, despite economic and political challenges.”

Recently, one Houstonian in need, named Armida, not only found a health home at San José Clinic for her medical, dental and pharmacy care, but also found treatment for her struggle with depression after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

“San José Clinic educates you, protects you and shows you how to go about living your life,” said Armida. “The Clinic is excellent. They are very friendly and considerate of their patients.”

To ensure the care they offer continues to meet the needs of those living in the Archdiocese, San José Clinic continues to expand its comprehensive health services. Lewis said one such example is the Clinic’s recent addition of mental health counseling, a vital component of their patients’ overall health.

“Through the generosity of our funders and academic partners, the Clinic also recently added diagnostic abdominal, vascular and thyroid ultrasounds, as well as physical therapy for our patients,” Lewis said. “By giving our patients access to these expanded services within their health home, San José Clinic can serve as good stewards of our patients’ time as we expand our comprehensive health services.”

Throughout the year, San José Clinic partners with local organizations for dental service days, which provide oral health treatment and education for children, as well as nutritional counseling sessions that include fresh, healthy foods for patients in partnership with the Houston Food Bank.

Lewis believes the ministry depends on the generosity of parishioners contributing to DSF to ensure that its mission can endure.

“It is with the assistance of donors like the DSF contributors that those who depend on receiving healthcare services in accordance with the teachings of the Church can access the medical attention needed to promote good health and wellbeing for themselves, their families and throughout the community,” Lewis said.


San José Clinic welcomes 2016 Summer interns

Thank you to all of the interns who have joined San José Clinic for the summer of 2016! Interns joined us from the Bank of America Summer Internship Program-SER Job for Progress, the Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston, and and the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program to work on a variety of projects. We are so grateful for their hard work, flexibility and dedication in the past months. This week, they begin to return to the fall semester at their schools and programs; we hope they will always remember San José Clinic because we will always value them!

Pictured (from left to right): Kingsley Nwoko - Seminarian, Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston; Ahide Escamilla - Bank of America Summer Internship Program-SER Job for Progress; Jesse Herrera - Bank of America Summer Internship Program-SER Job for Progress; Mallory Mire - ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program intern; Bank of America Summer Internship Program-SER Job for Progress

 San José Clinic debuts new video

Special thanks to Gotham Image Works for their great work on this video!

San José Clinic receives grant of support from The Kenedy Memorial Foundation

June 20, 2016 – By providing medical, dental, pharmacy, radiology, and vision care in one convenient location, San José Clinic benefits more than 4,300 uninsured Houstonians each year. Unfortunately, in a city with a population of more than 2 million, located in the nation’s least insured state, there are always more in need. As a charity care clinic, San José Clinic relies almost entirely on philanthropic funding to serve those without access to care; this year, The Kenedy Memorial Foundation has invested in the health of Houston through the Clinic with a grant of $35,000.

“We reached out to The Kenedy Foundation with a proposal to support the services we currently have available, including preventative care and health education, since they have been so generous with their funding of San José Clinic for the past 14 years,” said Paule Anne Lewis, President and CEO. “The Kenedy Memorial Foundation responded to the request with a generous gift to help us continue providing quality, affordable healthcare services to Houston’s uninsured.”

As a ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, San José Clinic lost more than $200,000 from funders last year due to their unwavering commitment to provide quality healthcare in accordance with the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church. “This recent loss in funding does not decrease the need for the Clinic in our community, particularly in this economic climate,” shared Lewis. “It is encouraging to see that there are core funders who still believe in the value and place of San José Clinic in our community.”

The Kenedy Memorial Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Founded in 1961 by Sarita Kenedy East, granddaughter of Mufflin Kenedy and Petra Vela Kenedy, the Foundation has donated more than $200M to charitable causes and organizations in Texas. In South Texas, where the majority of its contributions have been made, the Foundation is one of the major charity contributors. Together, San José Clinic and The Kenedy Memorial Foundation are changing lives by providing quality healthcare and education to those with limited access to such services in an environment which respects the dignity of each person.

Economic, political unrest challenges San José Clinic legacy - Texas Catholic Herald

June 14, 2016 – San José Clinic has provided healthcare to low-income families since it was established 94 years ago by Monsignor George Walsh who, following in the Church’s tradition of social justice, joined with the group that went on to become the Charity Guild of Catholic Women with the hope of breaking down barriers to care. Together, they created a mission that continues to provide healthcare to those in need today.

The Clinic provides vaccinations, annual exams, dental care and prescriptions to the uninsured, all at an affordable cost.

Currently, San José Clinic finds itself part of a larger moral debate that is happening throughout the country. The Catholic Church has come under scrutiny in recent years, particularly as a result of the Affordable Care Act, because of their adamant belief in religious freedom. Firmly located at this intersection of healthcare and faith, San José Clinic — a ministry of the Archdiocese — lost more than $200,000 from funders last year due to their unwavering commitment to provide quality healthcare in accordance with the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church, specifically in regards to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services pertaining to women’s reproductive rights.

“Some in the public may think that we are denying our patients services that they have the right to receive, yet we know that patients choose San José Clinic as their health home because of the value we place on human dignity and respect,” shared San José Clinic president and CEO, Paule Anne Lewis. “This recent loss in funding does not decrease the need for the Clinic in our community, particularly in this economic climate.”

The Clinic is dedicated to ensuring those who face economic and social challenges are not denied the right to quality health care, despite current economic and political challenges.

The majority of the Clinic’s funding comes from philanthropic sources, including community donors. San José Clinic depends on their generosity to ensure that those who depend on receiving healthcare services in accordance with the teachings of the Church can access the medical attention needed to promote good health and well being for themselves, their families and throughout the community.

“This year, San José Clinic hopes to raise $300,000 from individuals who are called to serve the poor in this special way,” Lewis said. “The patients of San José Clinic depend on the generosity of our community so they can continue receiving the care they deserve in a sanctuary environment.”

As Houstonians lose jobs and access to the care, they depend on San José Clinic to keep themselves, their families, and their community healthy. The continued generosity of so many has allowed the clinic to provide for people who are in need of care in desperate times. Still, financial sustainability in light of this deficit is crucial to San José Clinic’s continued mission.

“As president of the Scanlan Foundation — a long-time, annual supporter of the Clinic — I know first-hand that the need for the basic healthcare services San José Clinic provides exists in our community,” commented Larry Massey, former Clinic board chair. “This need is one that is easy to miss, as many of us have never had to go without the basic care we rely on. Today, it is up to all of us to support this 94-year-old mission of serving the sick and the poor. I have great faith that our parishioners can and will step up to the challenge of our Holy Father in supporting faithful care for all God’s children.”

Jason V. is one of numerous success stories at the Clinic. He was the victim of a severe drunk driving accident in 2011. During his recovery from multiple injuries, he lost his job, was confined to a wheelchair and no longer had access to insurance. After he was out of immediate danger, Jason still had complications, as well as diabetes and hypertension, which made it difficult to support his family and live a healthy life at the age of just 42.

In 2013, Jason was referred to San José Clinic and he has been a patient ever since. His chronic conditions are now stabilized, and Jason now testifies about his experience and San José Clinic at churches throughout Houston. In his own words, “Coming to San José Clinic has been a miracle.”

“It is for people like Jason, left without insurance and without control; for the family without access to or who cannot afford premiums through employer sponsored plans; for those new to Houston with nowhere else to turn; for the poor and the meek that San José Clinic stands strong in our mission today,” Lewis said.

President and CEO Paule Anne Lewis shares Clinic mission on Guadalupe Radio Network

New CFO, COO and Development Director Join Leadership Team of San José Clinic

June 1, 2016 – San José Clinic, Houston’s premier charity care clinic, has added three new faces to their leadership team. Heidi Bunyan will act as Chief Operations Officer, Judy Massey as Chief Financial Officer, and Kristi Okwuonu as Development Director. Ms. Bunyan, Ms. Massey, and Ms. Okwuonu step into these positions under the guidance of Paule Anne Lewis, who has served as president and Chief Executive Officer of San José Clinic since 2011.

“San José Clinic is excited to welcome Heidi, Judy and Kristi into these leadership roles,” shared Ms. Lewis. “The addition of these knowledgeable and talented women is a great step forward positioning the Clinic for our future as we works towards 100 years of serving Houstonians in need. Their experience, skills, and dedication to our mission will be of great benefit to the organization and our patients.”

Heidi W. Bunyan, MPH, MHA joins San José Clinic after a position at The Care Group of Texas and five years at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where she rose to the position of Director at The Institute of Cancer Care Innovation. Ms. Bunyan received her Master of Healthcare Administration at Texas Women’s University and completed her Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD. When asked why she chose this opportunity, Ms. Bunyan responded, “I chose to join San José Clinic in order to serve the community and help those most in need. I am excited and humbled to now be a part of the Clinic’s mission.”

Judy Massey comes to San José Clinic with more than 30 years of non-profit accounting experience, including her most recent position as the Senior Finance Director for the national office of the National MS Society. Ms. Massey also previously held senior finance roles at the Houston Grand Opera Association, including two years as Chief Financial Officer. She completed the Non-Profit Executive Leadership Development through the George Foundation.

Kristi Okwuonu, MBA is a long-time friend of the Clinic through her position as Executive Director at Pink Ribbons Project, as well as her past role as Development Officer at The Rose. “I have always been impressed with San José Clinic’s support of the community, so I knew it would be the perfect place to join a new team and help raise funds in order to further their mission,” shared Ms. Okwuonu. “After sixteen years in the non-profit sector, I still feel rewarded knowing that my efforts help make a difference in the lives of others.”

This talented group of women joins San José Clinic in its 94th year delivering healthcare to those who need it most. Since 1922, the Clinic has empowered patients and their families to take ownership of their health and live healthier lives. San José Clinic remains committed to providing the highest quality of care in a patient-centered environment.

San José Clinic - Quality, Volunteer-Powered Dental Care for Houston's Uninsured - Houston Dentistry Magazine

May 2016 - For nearly a century, San José Clinic has been the health home for the uninsured of the Greater Houston area. From its humble beginning in 1922, the Clinic has flourished into a multi-level healthcare facility, including a state-of-the-art dental department. Today, San José Clinic provides access to preventative and specialty medical and dental care, as well as pharmaceutical, radiology, diagnostic and disease state management services.

Since the Affordable Care Act did not include dental coverage for adults, many were left without care or coverage. Now, San José Clinic is one of the few places the uninsured of Houston can find affordable, quality dental care in a beautiful, modern facility. As a charity care clinic, San José Clinic accepts no government funding or insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. Instead, the Clinic is funded entirely by the generosity of donors, partners, and community funders.

In 2015, with a dental staff of just nine, San José Clinic saw more than 2,300 dental patients providing services including hygiene, fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions, and dentures. All the Clinic can accomplish is made possible by the service of more than 300 dedicated volunteers from throughout the community. These volunteers come to the Clinic through academic affiliates, professional groups, private practices and more. The services San José Clinic and their volunteers provide, which so many of us can take for granted, are truly life-changing for Clinic patients. Take Hana, for instance.

Many years ago, Hana B. received dental care in Colombia while pursuing her higher education. Dental students attempting to repair her chipped tooth shaved it too thinly, leading to a broken tooth that plagued her long after her return to the United States. As the years passed, Hana resorted to repairing the tooth herself, keeping super glue in her pocket for emergency issues. After discovering San José Clinic on the University of Texas Dental School’s website, she walked over to the Clinic and was delighted. “This is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The Clinic is so neat and clean.” Hana will have the two teeth she has lost replaced at a cost she can afford, all at San José Clinic. “My smile will be as beautiful as it once was, thanks to the [dentists] here.”

Throughout the year, San José Clinic also hosts extended care programs including Give Kids a Smile Day, in collaboration with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry, and Sealant Day, in collaboration with the Greater Houston Dental Hygienists’ Society.

If you are interested in making an incredible difference in the lives and health of our community, you too can join San José Clinic as a volunteer. The Clinic has the capacity to serve more patients, but need volunteers to join the team to make dental care an affordable reality for more people. Whether you’re a dentist, periodontist, prosthodontist, hygienist or dental assistant, San José Clinic needs your help.

San José Clinic honors United Way of Greater Houston at successful annual Art with Heart gala - TMC News

April 21, 2016 - On Saturday, April 16th, nearly 400 guests gathered as San José Clinic held its annual Art with Heart event. This year, the fundraising gala took place at the TMCx – Texas Medical Center Accelerator.

“Art with Heart is a wonderful opportunity for the healthcare and charitable communities to gather each year, and I am pleased to say that 2016 was another fine year for the event,” shared Paule Anne Lewis, president and CEO of San José Clinic. “We love to welcome our dedicated supporters and new friends to this very moving, exciting evening. It was a fantastic night of philanthropy, celebrating partnership and supporting the uninsured and underserved in our community.”

Art with Heart 2016 featured a silent auction of more than 150 pieces of museum-quality art and beautiful jewelry, as well as live auction items focused on direct patient care. At this year’s event, San José Clinic honored United Way of Greater Houston with the Portrait of Compassion in recognition of their over 90 years of support of the Clinic and the Houston community.

“We deeply appreciate this special recognition and are proud of our longstanding partnership with San José Clinic,” said Anna M. Babin, president and CEO, United Way of Greater Houston. “The partnership between San José Clinic and the United Way is living proof that compassion is alive and well in our community.”

This year’s event is still receiving donations, which go towards providing the underserved of Houston with quality healthcare.

San José Clinic president and CEO Paule Anne Lewis and honorary event chair Bob Harvey award the Portrait of Compassion for United Way of Greater Houston to the organization's president and CEO, Anna Babin, during the Art with Heart 2016 event program

San José Clinic picked for CVS Health Foundation grant - Houston Chronicle

March 29, 2016 - San José Clinic, Houston's original safety-net clinic for the poor, has received a $35,000 grant from the CVS Health Foundation in an effort to make care more accessible and coordinated for the needy and vulnerable.

The grant is part of the CVS Foundation's multiyear, $5 million commitment to health care in local communities, the company announced Tuesday. San José Clinic is one of 46 community health centers and free clinics nationwide selected for funding.

The clinic was established in 1922 by Monsignor George T. Wilson of Annunciation Catholic Church to address a rising infant mortality rate in Houston's Hispanic community. It was founded with a $50 gift from the Charity Guild of Catholic Women to help break down barriers and make medical treatment more available, according to the clinic's history.

That same mission prompted the CVS grant, the company said. The money will be used to help streamline accessibility and referrals as well as ease transitions by supporting basic daily needs. The goal is to provide better patient care but also reduce costs and hospital readmissions.

Bright Beginnings for San José Clinic at Give Kids a Smile Pre-Screenings

March 2016 - The dental department of San José Clinic rang in the New Year with not just one Give Kids a Smile Pre-Screening Day, but two! On December 19 and January 16, nearly 150 children came to the Clinic to be pre-screened for Give Kids a Smile Day (GKSD). The oral exams and digital x-rays from the prescreening accompanied patients to Give Kids a Smile Day at the University of Texas Dental School on February 20th.

For years, San José Clinic has been collaborating with other dental groups in Houston to participate in GKSD, a national program sponsored by the American Dental Association. This year’s event was a collaboration with the Greater Houston Dental Society and the University of Texas - School of Dentistry, plus the help of community volunteers. We were pleased to continue our participation in this important pediatric oral health event in 2016! Thank you to all of the dental students and professionals that gave of their time and talents at San José Clinic at this event.

San Jose Clinic celebrates continuing success of primary care expansion with past and current partners

On Thursday, February 6, we held a small ceremony to thank the partners who have made the past three years of primary care expansion at San José Clinic possible: Baylor College of Medicine, Community Clinic Funders Collaborative, Harris County Healthcare Alliance, and St. Joseph Medical Center. This multi-year and multi-organization project made a true impact on the Clinic and our patients, and demonstrated to our medical community how collaboration works! We are excited to continue the next phase of this project with CHI St. Luke's Health as we collaborate to provide quality healthcare for the uninsured and uninsurable in our community