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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a San José Clinic volunteer?
To become a volunteer, you will first need to complete a volunteer application by finding the volunteer position you’re interested in and clicking "Click Here to Apply". This link will route you to our online application form. Since we process and accept applicants in semester cohorts, please take careful note of the application deadlines. Our departments will review your application after it’s submitted. If your skills and interests match the needs of SJC, the Volunteer Program Team may schedule an interview and/or request additional documentation. If you’d like to get a head start on collecting the necessary documentation, there is a list of all the documents SJC needs at the end of your application under “Next Steps”.

Are there any age requirements to volunteer at San José Clinic?

San José Clinic accepts volunteers 18+.

Is there a time commitment required to volunteer at the Clinic?

For community volunteers, a minimum commitment of 100 hours is required. Once the on-boarding process is complete, your schedule will be coordinated between you and department management. Most volunteers commit to a weekly or biweekly shift for a minimum of 1 year. 

Why do I not see a Clinic volunteer role I can fill?

SJC is currently recruiting for only the opportunities listed below. Please continue to check back for updates. If you believe you could be of assistance to SJC but don’t see your role, please email







Patient Access


Admin & Support

What happens after my volunteer application is submitted?

Once your application and the supporting documentation have been received by the volunteer office, it will be reviewed by the appropriate Department Leadership for current opportunities. If your skills and interests match the needs of SJC, the Volunteer Program Manager will contact you. We endeavor to respond to all applications, but due to high volume we may not contact you in the case your application is not approved.

When will I know if I have been accepted to volunteer?

Depending on when you apply, your application will be processed in a fall, spring, or summer cohort. It will take about a month for the Department Leadership to review your application. If your skills and interests match the needs of SJC, the Volunteer Program Manager will contact you and ask for additional documentation within 1 month of the application deadline. 

What additional steps besides the application are required?

Submission of additional documents, background screenings, and volunteer orientation are required for most new volunteers.


Please note certified or licensed healthcare professionals will need to complete a credentialing process which requires a fair amount of additional documentation. The required documentation is listed at the end of the application under “Next Steps”. You will also receive an email from the Volunteer Program Team listing the specific forms you need to submit. Please note you will only be asked to submit these forms if your application is accepted.


After you submit your application, Department Leadership will review your information. If your skills and interests match SJC’s needs, the following steps will occur.

  1. You may meet with Managers &/or Directors depending on the position you’ve applied to.

  2. You will receive a request to submit additional required documentation. The documentation varies based on your role. Below is a list of some of the required documentation we need.

    • Malpractice insurance *

    • Proof of licensure*, certifications, education

    • Statement of Malpractice History *

    • Issued Photo ID

    • Immunizations (or Declination of Hep B) and PPD Status *

    • Life support training *

    • NPI Number *

    • DEA Registration *

    • Statement of Health Fitness *

    • Hospital/Clinic staff privileges for all hospitals (as applicable) *

    • Delineation of Privileges Request *

    • Background check

    • Other documents as needed

* Required documents for Licensed Health Care Providers only. 

  1. You will receive final approval. If you’re a Licensed Healthcare Professionals we will begin the initial credentialing/privileging process.

  2. SJC will apply for FTCA malpractice coverage for Licensed Healthcare Professionals if needed.

  3. You will then need to complete On-boarding which is scheduled in line with the fall, spring, and summer cohorts. On-boarding includes:

    • Attending clinic orientation/tour

    • Reviewing and submit required on-boarding documents

    • Attending departmental orientation/training

If I am accepted as a San José Clinic volunteer, is there a required orientation?

A volunteer orientation will be held for all new volunteers in person. The orientation includes a tour of the Clinic, an overview of the Clinic’s history, services, policies, and procedures. Additional departmental trainings and/or orientations will take place following the general orientation. Orientations will be held every semester (fall, spring, summer) for standard applicants, and monthly for applicants processed on a rolling basis.​

How do I contact the volunteer department with additional questions?

For more information, contact the Volunteer Program Manager, at (713) 228-1025 or

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