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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with San José Clinic. It is through the generosity of volunteers that we are able to fulfill our mission. In 2020, despite the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic over 360 volunteers donated nearly 19,000 hours at an in-kind value of $540,000 to San José Clinic.


Volunteer positions at San José Clinic vary widely, from direct service providers like doctors to non-clinical volunteers like medical interpreters and accountants. We have three main types of volunteers: high-need clinical, clinical, and non-clinical.

To see all volunteer roles and associated requirements please see: Opportunities & Requirements

Dr Grinstead.jpg

A volunteer here since January 2020, Dr. Grinstead has donated his time twice a week each month. Six hours a week he spends in our clinic, happily helping our patients. When asked what his favorite part of volunteering at San José Clinic was, he said, “Being able to use my experience to help people that maybe otherwise wouldn’t get the help they needed.” And for those looking to volunteer, Dr. Grinstead says, “I work with very wonderful staff in a very nice environment. You’ll help people who are very appreciative. Highly recommend!” 

dr grodner.jpg

A volunteer since December of 2020, Dr. Grodner has donated one day a week of his time each month, to caring for dental patients at San José Clinic.

San José Clinic remains steadfast in our support of the underserved. Volunteers like Dr. Grodner, help keep us moving forward in our mission. When asked what his favorite part of volunteering was, Dr. Grodner said, “Interacting with everyone. It makes me feel not fully retired and I get treated special.”

dr mazur.JPG

Dr. Mazur originally partnered with UTHealth and San José Clinic during the 1980’s. Now that she has retired, Dr. Mazur has come back to San José Clinic to volunteer at not only the Midtown location, but also our Fort Bend location!  When we asked her what her favorite part of volunteering was, Dr. Mazur exclaimed “THE MISSION! The mission of San José Clinic is what keeps me coming back. And plus I love kids!” To those providers looking to volunteer, Dr. Mazur says, “IT IS SO FUN! And it is your training. It is a gift we have, and I’m giving back. This is a calling to come back. The clinic provides a service for people who have nowhere else to go.” 

dr newman 1.jpg

A San José Clinic volunteer here for six years, Dr. Newman has donated her time twice a week, in addition to the Saturday that the clinic is open! She spends 72 hours a month at the clinic conducting physical therapy sessions with our patients. When asked what her favorite part of volunteering at San José Clinic was she said, “I love the flexibility and ability to provide the care that needs to be provided by doing what needs to be done.” For those looking to volunteer, Dr. Newman adds, “I say to my friends that it is an exciting way to give back to the community. The patients here are some of the hardest working people in Houston, and I feel like it’s our responsibility. You can volunteer one day a month, or one day a week. It’s important and these patients in our community need us.”

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