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Front lines

Our front line staff needs PPE! Please help us so we can continue to help others. As recently highlighted in the Houston Chronicle, San José Clinic’s ability to treat our patients has been severely impacted due to the limited amount of personal protective equipment available to keep our staff and volunteers safe. Most of our medical volunteers are retired and, due to the high contagion factor of the COVID-19 virus, they are limited to telemedicine visits. The dental clinic and pharmacy have also modified the amount of patient interaction due to the lack of PPE. Dental is only able to treat emergencies and the pharmacy is filling prescriptions via a temporary drive-through service set up on the clinic’s parking lot. The need for PPE is real. It will allow us to care for more patients, many of whom are in the service industry and therefore also dealing with financial devastation due to the stay at home order. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution which will #HelpUsHelpMany.

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Giving back

As a child, Elias Cortina’s mother brought him to San José Clinic to receive medical care. Decades later, he works in Houston’s energy sector and is one of our most generous supporters and board members. When asked why he supports San José Clinic, Elias answered, “out of deep gratitude, the fact that I did benefit from the services of the Clinic, and being in a position to give back and help the Clinic. Furthermore, he gives because he recognizes that San José Clinic’s value is much greater than his own personal benefit: “The basis of a vibrant society are education and healthcare, and without those two, a society just isn’t going to grow and be all that it can be. The Clinic helps fulfill that mission of keeping the community healthy. If you’re not healthy, you can’t go to school, you can’t go to work. It’s much more difficult to get ahead.” San José Clinic receives no government funding or third-party reimbursements. Our ability to continue serving our community depends on the support of individuals like Elias and organizations like the M. D. Anderson Foundation. This year, your contribution is especially critical.


Our patients are all uninsured, with half of them living at or below the federal poverty level. Many of them, like Gilbert Ruiz, first realize their need for affordable, quality healthcare after suffering a life threatening event. For Mr. Ruiz it was a massive heart attack. After his surgery, Mr. Ruiz learned the cost of the dozen medications he needed to take would be astronomical, one costing $400 for a month’s supply.  Discouraged and dismayed he told his cardiologist, “You should have just let me die”.  Fortunately, Mr. Ruiz received a referral to San José Clinic and he was able to purchase all of the medications he needed for a flat fee of $10 per visit to our on-site pharmacy. He met with Dr. Grair, our Medical Director, for his initial in-take and follow-up visits. He also sees a volunteer cardiologist on a regular basis. Due to our success treating Mr. Ruiz, he has been able to stabilize his diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Mr. Ruiz expressed profound gratitude for receiving quality, affordable healthcare at San José Clinic, simply stating, “After I found San José Clinic and seeing Dr. Grair, things changed. I like this place.”


Mr. Ruiz’s story is just one of many. Your contribution will allow us to treat this most vulnerable sector of our community whose socio-economic status greatly increases their chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Please note: In an effort to embrace our Catholic identity and further assist our patients who have been hit financially through no fault of their own, San José Clinic is providing no-cost telemedicine visits and prescriptions. Please help us offset this $3000 per day loss from patient contributions.

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We are a 501(c)(3), a United Way agency, and a ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and Texas Medical Center Institution.

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