Monsignor Walsh Legacy Circle

The Monsignor Walsh Legacy Circle was established in 2005. This annual campaign continues the legacy that began in 1922 when the Charity Guild of Catholic Women donated $50 to Msgr. Walsh. That $50 donation began the mission of San José Clinic. Donate today and join the legacy of giving!

Thank you to our generous donors!

Archbishop Fiorenza Legacy Cornerstones
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. and Mrs. R. Stan Marek, Jr.  
  Marek Family Foundation Mr. Robert M. Schick  
  Mrs. Raye G. White  
Legacy Partners
  Dr. and Mrs. Albert H. Braden Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foster  
Legacy Donors
  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bally Mrs. Marion Bell  
  Mr. and Mrs. James E. Christ Ms. Mary Frances Fabrizio  
  Dr. Stella J. Fitzgibbons and
Mr. Michael R. Fitzgibbons
Dr. and Mrs. Hector Herrera  
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Morabito  
  Mr. Patrick J. Moran Mr. David E. Ruiz  
  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Charles van Ravenswaay  
  Yard Mule Specialists, Inc.  
Legacy Circle Members
  Ms. Christina Deajon Douglas Grymes Charitable Foundation  
  Dr. and Mrs. Efrain Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Giegerich  
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Girotto Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hirschfeld  
  Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Janda Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kafka  
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kroon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kruger  
  Mrs. Mary Mossay Ms. Bridget A. Naughton  
  Ms. Melissa Paschal Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phillips  
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Reiter Dr. Ian J. Reynolds and Dr. Adelaide A. Hebert  
  Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stanton Ms. Susan R. Stromatt  
  Mr. John L. Zipprich II  
Junior Legacy Members
  Mr. and Mrs. James M. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bruno  
  Mr. and Mrs. José L. de la Garza Dr. and Mrs. Rigoberto Delgado  
  Mr. Robert Duffy T. Michael Gibson, D.D.S.  
  Rev. Page E. Polk Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Siegmyer  
  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stevenson  
Legacy Contributors
  Ms. Neena Arora Mr. Paul D. Clote  
  Mr. Heleodoro Corona Ms. Patsy Cravens  
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daly Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Davis  
  Ms. Jean A. Dieudonne Mrs. Barbara V. Z. Fosdick  
  Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Gries Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heisler  
  Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Huckabay Dr. and Mrs. Dean V. Hutto  
  Katie Irani, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Massey, Jr.  
  Rev. George J. Olsovsky, Jr. Dr. David Powell and Mrs. Lucy McLaughlin  
  Ms. Lynne Schaefer Robert L. Steely, M.D  
  Mrs. Mills Toomey Mr. V.H. Van Horn III  
  Mr. Wayne Vogelsang Drs. Robert and Hilda Vollero  
  Dr. Arlo Weltge