Volunteering Time and Talents

Dental Patient Care VolunteersThrough the gracious donation of their time and talents, volunteers make it possible for San José Clinic to fulfill its mission. Exceptional volunteer healthcare providers, institutions of higher learning, church groups, community service organizations, retirees, and community volunteers work alongside San José Clinic staff to provide an array of services.

San José Clinic volunteers generously give their time once a month, once a week or simply a few hours a day several times a year. Clinic volunteers are categorized as either Patient Care or Patient Support. Patient Care Volunteers provide direct healthcare to patients and Patient Support Volunteers give of their time in supporting and furthering the Clinic's mission without providing direct healthcare.

For those who volunteer within these walls, it may be the best job they were never paid to do. In 2013, our over 800 volunteers contributed more than 24,000 hours of service at a value of $756,287. Thank you to the many men and women who made providing healthcare to the underserved possible.

For more information, contact Estelle Luckenbach, Volunteer Services Administrator, at (713) 228-9413 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.