“So seek my face in every face and see the eyes of God”


Student Art Competition Entry Form



1.      Art piece must reflect the theme:  “So seek my face in every face and see the eyes of God” (Hymn What You Have Done  for Me, Gia Publications, based on Mt 25:34-51).

2.      Art piece must be the student’s own work created during the 2018-2019 school year.

3.      A school may submit up to two (2) pieces of art

4.      Art piece can be no larger than 36 x 48”

5.      Art piece must be submitted by March 8, 2019

6.      Student artist must submit entry form signed by student artist, student’s parent or guardian, and school principal.

7.      Art Selection Committee will choose one first-place and one second-place winner based on the following criteria:

a.       How well the piece reflects the theme

b.      Originality

c.       Creativity

d.      Technical skill

e.       Artistic excellence

8.      Winning student artists will be introduced at Art with Heart 2019 and will receive a ribbon and certificate.  The school’s Art Department will receive $250 for art materials.

9.      The two winning art pieces will be auctioned live at Art with Heart 2019 to benefit the Clinic.

10.  Non-winning entries will be returned to the student artists.